Mixing with the Literati

Seoul Food

Met up with my good friend Darren last night to celebrate his inclusion in The Fashion Resource Book. After meeting up in town, we grabbed a bite to eat at the Seoul Bakery, an amazing Korean cafe just behind Centre Point, before heading off to the launch party.

Well, I say ‘party’ but is was nothing to write home about.. the most eventful part of the evening was the author standing at the front and saying “Thanks for coming, here’s to the next one.”

Still, Darren managed to pose with his page in the wood panelled splendour of a University basement.

Darren shows off his contribution

To add further to the general ‘oddness’ of the evening, we stumbled across another private view on the way home. The gallery was deserted except for 4 or 5 people whom we took for the gallery owners, the artist and his dealer, all talking in hushed German tones at the back of the room. Maybe they were discussing which of the black and white painted panels was their particular favourite.

Its Never Black and White


More pictures here.

My Sister’s Wedding

The Look of Love

A couple of weeks ago my sister Suzanne got married in St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool. (This is the very church hall where John Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time, 55 years ago.)

It was a beautiful day; Champagne and strawberries at the house before heading to the church, a relaxed service with a harpist playing Beatles tunes during the signing of the register and even an old Routemaster bus to take everyone to the reception at Liverpool Marina.

There was no way I could possibly get away with not taking a camera, but thankfully the official photographer did all the hard work and I could relax and take some nice snaps.

Sadly, not a joke?


Twitter users discover the Titanic was real.

Yes, Man!

A nice short film and a worthy project by my good friend Bret Syfert.

Both Bret & Dorota have gone to Rwanda for 5 months to continue the project and help in any way they can:

My wife was so inspired by the stories of my trip that she convinced me to return with her to teach English, help manage the center and continue breaking with the boys.

You can help by donating here. Any money will go DIRECT to the centre, so they can do more, with less.

iwishiwasa in The Telegraph


Great news for Tamsin; her company, iwishiwasa, was featured in the Telegraph magazine on Saturday. Nice for me too; the lead picture for the page was one from our second photoshoot with Archie and his friends running around in our amazing back garden at Grove Park.

Archie surveys the capes

More photos here.

Colour Perception

Very cool website game that tests your ability to differentiate between colours and much more!

Via Method of Action.

What If..?

"The Terminator" What If... Poster © 2011 by Peter Stults

Great project by Peter Stults, inspired by Hartter

  1. Take responsibility for your own work.
  2. Make yourself visible.
Dean of Goldsmiths Art College, 2009.

Quiet day at the studio?

Manhattan In Motion

As soon as he heard about our upcoming trip, Conor sent me this, just to whet our appetites!