Amber droplets waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

Amber droplets waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

Great evening chewing the (photographic) fat with Jam. #shotbyjam #thegowlett #peckham

Great evening chewing the (photographic) fat with Jam. #shotbyjam #thegowlett #peckham

#sonofascouser #vscocam

#sonofascouser #vscocam

Getting It Out There

Camera Scan Test

One of the main problems with digital photography is that you tend to shoot a lot of it. Back in the days of film, you were restricted by a number of factors; the most significant one was of course cost, but others such as weight and space in your bag were all a consideration before you went and did a shoot - and as a consequence you tended to make each shot count. Even when you were shooting a lot of images, you tended to check the contact sheet and only print the selects - a relatively low number, compared with the whole shoot.

With digital all this has changed. Unrestricted by cost beyond the initial purchase of the camera and a few cards, or indeed a smartphone, the modern photographer can shoot thousands of images a day without giving it a second thought - until it comes to the editing!

You could argue that this is where the costs of photography now lie; in the edit. Not just the selection of the good images from the bad but in the downloading, naming, tagging, and backing up of all the files.. not to mention the final processing of the selects into TIFFs or JPEGs. All this takes time which, these days, is often in short supply!

So where am I going with this? Well, I’m as guilty as the next person for keeping family photos hidden away on a hard drive never to be seen again, so, I have decided to trawl through our archive of over 20,000 images looking for photos worth publishing to my Flickr account and for sharing with our family and friends. (I will also start printing some of the best too, for our ‘traditional’ photo albums)

It is a mammoth task, which is why I’ve been putting it off for so long.. but what might make it more interesting is if I alternate back and forth through the archive starting with the oldest digital images and then the most recent, one ‘folder’ at a time. By chipping away at it once a week, I will soon whittle it down.. then I can start on the film scans and videos!

Spirit Of The Andes


Just completed a very enjoyable week with Sanders Nicolson and the Spirit of the Andes team shooting their SS13 brochure at JJ Locations in the heart of Shoreditch.

It was nice to be able to make it to the team night out before the final day too; where Clive regaled us all with his South American escapades!

SOTA Night Out


Muddy Puddles at Nunhead Cemetery

A firm favourite.

Another Book Launch

Not content with the Fashion Source Book event of only a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get out with Tamsin to the launch of Inspired:London, a new source book celebrating the hand made:

This guide, for Londoners and visitors alike, reveals the beautiful, unique, handmade products available right on your own doorstep and introduces you to the talented, creative designers who hand make them.

Its a great book..

Tamsin, a talented costume designer with a background in TV and film, has been running iwishiwasa, making cool costumes for kids for a number of years. We did a shoot a couple of years ago for her PR and it was one of these shots that accompanied her contact details in the book. The launch itself was held in the historic Hanbury Hall, just off Brick Lane, which is cool, but gloomy. As the vibe was a bit ‘jumble sale’-y and the wine wasn’t the best, we decided to duck out of our own launch to the far more glamourous and exciting AoP Open Awards taking place a few streets away.

The AoP Open

As part of the AoP’s Awards ‘Season’, the Open is just what it says on the tin; open. There are no categories and absolutely anyone can enter, so the range of photography selected for the exhibition is pretty wide in terms of subject, style and execution. Portraits and landscapes dominated, but there were some nice still life, including an image from my friend Philip Gatward's Dahlia series.

Simon James at the AoP Open 2012

One of the Judge’s Choice awards went to an old friend of mine, Simon James, whose great shot of cliff diving was picked by Lucille Flood, the senior picture editor at Comic Relief. It was great to catch up with him and his wife before Tamsin and I headed off back to our launch and, more importantly, a quick bite to eat from one of the many curry cafes on Brick Lane.

Bangla Oven

Tamsin at the Bangla Oven

Headshot Test

Headshot Test

If you are going to do a few lighting tests and your friend and portrait subject, Andy, misses his coach, doesn’t manage to get on a train and ends up missing the Liverpool v Chelsea 2012 FA Cup Final.. don’t try and shoot a self portrait at ƒ2.8 on a 100mm lens tethered to your computer instead. This way madness lies.

Trying to balance a computer on your lap, focussing and then firing the shutter.. well, its pretty difficult. These are the best.

European Tour! 10 days through Germany, Austria & Italy

Arrival in Germany

I’ve been lucky enough to bag an excellent assisting gig with another photographer friend of mine Richard Bradbury. Sadly the client and images are embargoed until next year, but I can post snaps from our 3000km road trip through Germany, Austria and Italy..

Mixing with the Literati

Seoul Food

Met up with my good friend Darren last night to celebrate his inclusion in The Fashion Resource Book. After meeting up in town, we grabbed a bite to eat at the Seoul Bakery, an amazing Korean cafe just behind Centre Point, before heading off to the launch party.

Well, I say ‘party’ but is was nothing to write home about.. the most eventful part of the evening was the author standing at the front and saying “Thanks for coming, here’s to the next one.”

Still, Darren managed to pose with his page in the wood panelled splendour of a University basement.

Darren shows off his contribution

To add further to the general ‘oddness’ of the evening, we stumbled across another private view on the way home. The gallery was deserted except for 4 or 5 people whom we took for the gallery owners, the artist and his dealer, all talking in hushed German tones at the back of the room. Maybe they were discussing which of the black and white painted panels was their particular favourite.

Its Never Black and White


More pictures here.